Confidence, Focus,Trust, Motivation, Mental Toughness

Mental Game Coaching for Performance Enhancement

Do you lack confidence, have trouble overcoming adversity, find it difficult to have a positive mindset, struggle to stay focused, or in the moment you need to perform you feel paralyzed by a fear of failure? Perhaps you are struggling to recover or deal with an injury. Maybe as a team you lack unity on your team, need assistance in creating your culture, or help in developing your leadership. Or you just want to reach another level ? Refuse2LoseCoaching assists teams, individuals, coaches and parents with customized Mental Training programs to enhance your overall performance.  

R2LC works with individuals and teams at various levels: youth, club, summer travel teams, high school, collegiate, semi professional, and professional. Contact for more information and pricing.

R2LC also is a guest speaker at conferences, award ceremonies, conventions, webinars, etc. If you are interested in booking Tami contact for more information and for pricing.


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Build Culture, Communication, Connection & Committment

Jon Gordon Workshops

Do you have leaders in your organization or are you apart of a team that could use some positive guidance to make sure your culture is being built and followed consistently? If so Tami Matheny is a certified Jon Gordon Trainer in “The Power of Positive Team” and “The Power of Positive Leadership”. For more information on the workshops that will have you and/or your team inspired and ready to take action visit or contact

Reading is important in developing the mind. The mind is a muscle that needs exercise.


“This is Good: A Journey On Overcoming Adversity” helps you cultivate a mindset that allows you to find the positive or productive situation in every event that happens. Learn skills to help you rise above adversity.

“The Confident Athlete: 4 Easy Steps to Build and Maintain Confidence” ( is a great resource for ideas and exercises to help you build and maintain your confidence. Whether you are an athlete or non-athlete, and find yourself lacking confidence or riding the confidence roller coaster, examples and strategies are given to help you build a strong foundation of confidence.

“The Confidence Journal” ( is available for daily or weekly thoughts and reflection on your journey as well as for athletes to track their progress.

“Challenger Deep: Stories, Fables, and Lessons to Help You Rise Above Adversity” ( A collection of short stories and fables to help you overcome adversity and even to embrace it.